Department of Civil Engineering

About Course:

This involves the design and construction of roads, bridges, railways etc. and the erection of large buildings. Civil engineers are responsible for planning and designing a project and having it constructed to the required scale. New areas include the field of structural engineering and emerging technologies like Finite element analysis, Artificial intelligence and Neural networks.

The details of AICTE Approved BE are as follows:

  • Civil Engineering (BTech - CE)
Course Details :-

Our Four Year B.E (Civil Engineering) program comprises of total eight semesters. The first & second semesters are common to all branches. The specialization starts from third semester to eighth semester. The course curriculum includes the study of all the basic engineering sciences and is designed to introduce the students to a variety of problems encountered by civil engineers such as : structures, foundation, construction, hydraulics and environmental engineering, works management and cost, transportation engineering, irrigation engineering etc. A civil engineer is concerned with the creation of constructed facilities. The activities involve planning, analysis, design, construction & maintenance of a Variety of facilities such as building, highways & rail-roads, water-ways & canals, dams & power houses, water treatment & sewage disposal system, docks & harbors, bridges, & tunnels.


8 Semesters ( 4 Years)


Department of Civil engineering is Established in Year 2008. The department is A.I.C.T.E Approved Engineering Department for providing four year bachelor degree of Civil engineering. The department got approval from A.I.C.T.E( All India Council for Technical Education ) New Delhi recognized by D.T.E ( Directorate Technical Education ) Govt. of (M.P) and affiliated to R.G.P.V ( Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya ) Bhopal.


Approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) Ministry of HRD Govt. of India New Delhi.

Why Civil Engg?

For employment opportunities exist in the public & private sectors in large numbers in all branches of design, construction, & maintenance Enjoying a smooth drive, happy with a well planned market place; take a moment to thank a civil engineer for the roads you travel, the market place you are in. But, these aren't the only contribution civil engineers have made to life in the 21st century: They are also credited with synchronizing traffic lights, designing Homes, building bridges, erecting industrial facilities and constructing recycling plants. Most people think of civil engineering as people who build highways and waste treatment plants, but its much more. Civil engineers are responsible for planning and designing a project and having it constructed to the required scale.

Civil Engineering provides a solid background in mathematics and basic sciences applied toward the study and design of engineering systems. As a broad field encompassing many disciplines, Civil Engineering offers a challenging and fulfilling career to individuals with a wide variety of interests. Some of the possible career opportunities are as Builder, City Planner, Architecture, Civil Engineer, Irrigation Engineer and Planner. Civil Engineers are employed in public and private sector in all branches of design, maintenance and construction of roads, highways, bridges, airports, housing complex, marketplace etc.

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