Department of Information Technology (BTech - IT)

About Course:

The institute offers specialized university level programs of formal education with a well oriented approach to institution resourcing that fully recognizes the public and private sector and provide the learner with multiple career options. Beyond gaining specialized knowledge in the chosen field, students will also develop habit of learning continuously and independently. Graduates of the institute will be professionally equipped to respond confidently in the field for adapting to the changes and managing them.

The details of AICTE/RGPV Approved BTech are as follows:

  • Information Technology (BTech - IT)

Course Details :-

This stream (IT) of engineering is aimed at students with little or no programming experience. It aims to provide students with an understanding of the role computation can play in solving problems. It also aims to help students, regardless of their major, to feel justifiably confident of their ability to write small programs that allow them to accomplish useful goals. The class will use the various programming languages like java, dot net c & C++ etc This course also covers topics on the engineering of computer software and hardware systems: techniques for controlling complexity; strong modularity using client-server design, virtual memory, and threads; networks; atomicity and coordination of parallel activities; recovery and reliability; privacy, security, and encryption; and impact of computer systems on society. Case studies of working systems and readings from the current literature provide comparisons and contrasts. Two design projects are required to prepare by the students minor & major respectively in third & final year. This introduces fundamental principles and techniques of software development. Students learn how to write software that is safe from bugs, easy to understand, and ready for change. Topics include specifications and invariants; testing, test-case generation, and coverage; state machines; abstract data types and representation independence; design patterns for object-oriented programming; concurrent programming, including message passing and shared concurrency, and defending against races and deadlock; and functional programming with immutable data and higher-order functions. This includes weekly programming exercises and substantial group projects. The institute will also groom the students for placement through special modules. The institute follows a pattern of continuous evaluation through a series of tests, soft skill classes, basic fundamental classes mid-term and semester-end examination to ensure the highest academic standards as well as practical orientation. The course curriculum is the result of continuous review by the faculty in line with the recent developments taking place in the industry.


8 Semesters ( 4 Years)


Approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) Ministry of HRD Govt. of India New Delhi and RGPV, Bhopal.

Why Information Technology

Computer science and Information Technology change the world by designing, building and deploying innovative solutions to real-world problems. They design and build hardware and software systems; develop effective ways to solve problems (such as extracting knowledge from massive amounts of data, deploying robots in the real world, or devising new approaches to security and privacy); and invent new and better ways to use computers to address challenges such as decoding the human genome, making transportation more efficient, revolutionizing health care, empowering people in the developing world, transforming education, and building videogames.

    Some key points:-
  • Huge amount of job opportunities in various fields related to IT
  • MP govt. developing the projects like “Super-corridor” to encourage IT in MP & will provide lots of opportunities to students of IT.
  • Emergence of e - governance, e - commerce, e - banking etc.
  • IT is the major source of outsourcing to India to make money in foreign currencies & provide better opportunities to work in abroad.