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Innovation LabsEducational Curriculum : Introduction

• A course curetted & created by AI/ML Industry professionals.
• Course focus is to create & improve critical thinking to solve immediate business problem with technology.
• Attention is given to prepare students meeting the global AI/ML technology requirement.
• Education & projects are based on immediate Industry requirement
• All instructors are from industry each over 10+ years of industry experience.
• Course is designed with 20% classroom and 80% project development.
• Projects are sponsored by various global companies.

Course Duration and Project Specification (Educational Project) :

• One Calendar Year (12 Months) 10 Months Study and 2 Moths adjusted holidays includes home assignment
• Project base course coverage
• First Month: Basic Study and introduction to Tools , Tech and market
• Second – Third Month: First Project – 45 Days
• Fourth – Sixth Month: Second 3 Months Project
• Seventh – eleventh month: Third Project – 150 Days Months duration
• Twelveth Month – Course & projects Completion, Internship & Placement
• Depending in student progress an internship can be offered any time during last 6 months of study.

Educational Methods, Assessments and Lectures:

• Students just need their laptop
• Everything about the courses will be in the cloud.
• All the source code will be hosted at GitHub.
• All video lectures will be available to the students.
• Additional hardware will be provided to students based on project.
• Hardware must be returned by the students at the end of the project
• Assessments will be done electronically using Internet.
• Each project is completed with an assessment.
• Assessment report is sent the several organization for placement and internship as applicable.

Technology covered in the Course:

• Artificial Intelligence
• Machine Learning
• Blockchain
• Digital Twin
• Knowledge Representation, Graphs and Electronic Interface
• Robotics & Nano Technology

Industries and verticals covered in the Course:

• Healthcare
        • Senior Care | In-home care
• Retail
        • Market Analytics | Projections | Shopping Experience
• Robotics
        • Comfort Care | Psychological Care
• Manufacturing
        • IoT and IIoT
• Other verticals are also in consideration

Educational System:

• A project based class system.
• 40 hours A week class.
• 8 hours/week instructor based study.
• 32 Hours of course work is created in team.
• Each team has is divided into roles and roles are switched when new team is formed.
• All Students are encouraged to perform various roles in team.

Instructure Profile:

• All instructors are from AI/ML Industry.
• Each instructor with over 10+ years of Industrial Software development & Engineering Experience.
• Each Instructor is assigned to cover a project based on specific vertical.
• Instructor will teach the technology
• Instructor is look after the project development

Classroom Structure:

• Maximum 20 students per class.
• 5 people in each team - Maximum 4 teams.
• Each Team has roles.
• Roles are switched when new projects are formed.


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