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  • UDAAN 2.00


    Vikrant Incubation Centre (VIC) promotes student innovators who have an early-stage innovative venture, or a promising innovation with a plan that could create sustainable impact in India (Rural/Urban Area).

    VIC is a unique and highly flexible combination of business development processes, infrastructure and people, designed to nurture and grow new and small business ideas of students of development and change.

    "Udaan 2.00: Idea Competition 2022" team will make every possible effort to support the startups and technologies from academic institutions by connecting with mentors/ trainers, providing the outreach and facilitating to connect with potential investors. Our young entrepreneurs are capable of thinking innovatively and we strive to make every possible effort to handhold them converting their ideas into enterprises. Through "Udaan 2.00: Idea Competition 2022", we invite Academic Entrepreneurs and Startups to participate. "Udaan 2.00: Idea Competition 2022" will help in fostering the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in our education institutions.

    In 2021 the Vikrant Group of Institutions, Indore launched the UDAAN 1.00: Idea Competition to promote systematically assimilate ideas having commercial potential and information related to incubated startups in Vikrant incubation Center (VIC)-Indore. Now this year we are coming with UDAAN 2.00: Idea Competition 2022, with more opportunities for the students/Working Professional/Entrepreneur, who are seeking opportunities to incubate their idea/innovation/Entrepreneurs with Financial Funding/Seed (Initial Funding)/Legal Help in Patent/ Technical support under Vikrant Incubation Center.


    • Participate in the UDAAN 2.00: Idea Competition 2022 by registering at

    • Prepare your presentation of your Idea explaining in details and e-mail the presentation on

    • Qualified Teams/Participants will be informed via email.

    • Shortlisted Teams will be eligible for Finale Round

    Timeline of the event will be as under:

    • Regisration by 31/03/2022

    • ppt submission by 31/03/2022

    • Webinar/seminr on patent/funding/incubatiuon by organizing team.

    • Prelim round 01/04/2022 to 09/04/2022

    • Mentoring to participants

    • Final round 27/04/2022 to 28/04/2022

    Asessment criterion:

    1. Idea/Innovation2. Feasibility
    3. Social Benefits/ Environment Friendly4.Usability
    5. Planning Strategy/Business Model6. Scalability
    7. Future Scope8. Creativity
    9. Overall presentation/Q & A

    For more details on UDAAN 2.00: Idea Competition 2022, kindly go through FAQ’s.

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