• Ph.D. Awards under the guidance of Prof. P.S. Bisen :


    1. Dr. (Ms.) Shoabun Nisa (1983) - Studies on the cell wall degrading enzymes of Coniella granati (Henneel) causing soft rot in apple.

    2. Dr. (Ms.) Bala Channy (1984) - Investigations on the comparative morphology and physiology on the bacterial and fungal blight of rice.

    3. Dr. (Ms.) Surabhi Audholia (1985) - Studies on the physiological and genetical alterations in cyanobacterium Phormidium uncinatum after infection with cyanophage LPP-1

    4. Dr. D.P. Singh (1987) - Physiology of parasitism in some vegetable crops after nematode infestation.

    5. Dr. (Mrs.) Rama Awasthy (1988) - Studies on the cellulose degradation and cellulase synthesis by some soil fungi.

    6. Dr. (Miss) Lilly Ganju (1988) - Isolation and characterization of mycobacterial antigens for immunodiagnosis of Leprosy.

    7. Dr. Hem Dutt Shukla (1989) - Physiology and genetics of heavy metals in Nostoc muscorum against Cd2+, Zn2+ and Hg2+ .

    8. Dr. (Mrs.) Punam Khare (1990) - Physiology of heavy metal resistance on the filamentous cyanobacterium Cylindrospermum sp.

    9. Dr.(Ms.) Ragini Gothalwal (1991) Studies on the effect of heavy metals, mercury, zinc and nickel on the physiology and genetics of Synechococcus cedrorum.

    10. Dr. Rajendra Mehta (1991) - Studies on the physiology of parasitism during nodule formation in legumes after Rhizobial infestation.

    11. Dr. Meena Garg (1992) - Effect of 2,4-D and DCMU on the physiology and genetics of some antibiotics producing strains of Streptomyces.

    12. Dr. Shashi Kant Sharma (1992) - Physiology of heavy metal resistance on the cyanobacterium Lyngbya sp.

    13. Dr. (Ms.) Shanthy Sundaram (1992) - Genetical and Biochemical regulation of nitrogen metabolism in the diazotrophic cyanobacterium Anabaena doliolum.

    14. Dr. K.S.R. Siva Sai (1993) - Investigations on the immunological properties of Mycobacterium causing leprosy.

    15. Dr. Shruti Mathur (1994) - Effect of pesticide endosulfan on the metabolism of cyanobacterium Synechococcus cedrorum.

    16. Dr. V.R.G. Kurup (1994) - Genetical and physicochemical regulation of nitrogen metabolism in symbiotic cyanobacterium Nostoc Mac.

    17. Dr. Rajesh K Tenguria (1994) - Studies on seed mycoflora and aflatoxin in stored maize seeds at Bhopal and adjacent areas.

    18. Dr. Kavita Verma (1996) - Plant-Endomycorrhizal fungal interaction: A Biotechnological approach.

    19. Dr. Brij Bhan Singh (1997) - Calcium, dinitrogen fixation and calmodulin in Cyanobacteria.

    20. Dr. Alok Dev (1997) - Physiological and Biochemical aspects of responses to the influence of VAM (Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhiza) in leguminous crops.

    21. Dr. Archana Tomar (Sikarwar) (1998) - Identification of Klebsiella pneumoniae by monoclonal antibodies

    22. Dr. Rajesh Gour (1999) A study on the combined effect of UV-radiation and temperature stress on the photoautotrophic metabolism in the cyanobacterium Anaystis nidulans.

    23. Dr. Indira Subramanian (1999) Development and isolation of murin hybrid clones secreting monoclonal antibodies to Hepatitis B surface antigen andtheir diagnostic significance

    24. Dr. Vinay Singh Chauhan (2000) - Development and Characterization of salt-tolarant strains of diazotropic cyanobacterium Anabaena variablis and its use as biofertilizer.

    25. Dr. Arvind Chhabra (2000) Identification of genes involved in virulence of vibro cholerae 01

    26. Dr. Bhanumati Singh (2002) – Isolation and characterization of Het_ Fix_ mutant Strain of Anabaena variabilis.

    27. Dr. Rishi Kumar Saxena (2003) – Physiological and molecular characterization of cyanobacterium under iron stress.

    28. Dr. Sachin S. Bhagwat (2003) – Studies on pharmacodynamic efficacy determinants of quionolone antibacterials.

    29. Dr. Ms. Nitu Nigam (2003) – “Spectrum of Beta Thalassemia Mutation, alpha genotype and beta haplotype analysis by PCR- RFLP in Gujrati Families”

    30. Dr. Umesh Kumar Jinwal (2003) – “Microbial lipase: Production, purification characterization and gene cloning”

    31. Dr. Niti Singh (2003) Evaluation of diagnostic and prognostic value of nested – Polymerase Chain reaction in the reactivation of cytomegalovirus infection in renal transplant recipients”

    32. Dr Kavita Chaudhary (2003) “Studies on vesicular – arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus “Glomus mosseae” colonization in soil samples of Banda (U.P.).

    33. Dr. Monica Nema (2003) Construction of genomic library of Osmotolerant of Anabaena variabilis.

    34. Dr. Sandeep Kumar Raghuwanshi (2003) Characterization of Aspergillus fumigatus antigens with respect to diagnosis and pathogenesis.

    35. Dr. (Ms) Sapna Pavitran (2003) Hydrocarbon utilizing ability of marine bacteria with special emphasis on their microbiological, biochemical and molecular characteristics.

    36. Dr. Santosh K. Bhargava (2003) Genetic and molecular basis of salinity tolerance in diazotrophic cyanobacterium Nostoc muscorum .

    37. Dr. Hussain S.F. (2003) Genotoxicity of ajowan (Carcum copticum) and its modulatory effects on certain carcinogen induced mutations in the in vitro and in vivo tests

    38. Dr Sanjay Kumar Garg (2004) Proteomic analysis for the identification of human macrophage molecule/s involved in Mycobacterial killing: Sphingosine 1-phosphate as a novel enhancer of phospholipase-D mediated antimycobacterial activity.

    39. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh (2004) Investigation of antigenic epitopes of HIV-1 and HIV-2 for the diagnosis, immunogenicity and immunotherapy of HIV/AIDS.

    40. Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta (2005) Induction of DNA fingerprint in PKI technology for transaction authentication and integrity using encryption and Digital Signatures.

    41. Dr. Ram Pramod Tewari (2006) Study of immunodominant antigens associated with the cell wall of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

    42. Dr. Faisal Masood Khan (2006) Study of five endogamous groups of Uttar Pradesh using Autosomal STR regions, Mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosome markers

    43. Dr. Deleep Tiwari (2006) Study of secretory protein(s) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Molecular characterization and analysis of immunological properties with special reference to application in serodiagnosis and utility of vaccination against tuberculosis.

    44. Dr. Shobha Agnihotri (2006) A studies of nosocomial infections found in the lower respiratory tract of critically ill patients in an intensive care unit of cardiac care hospital

    45. Dr. Pratikha Bhadauriya (2006) Physilogycal and molecular characterization of salt tolerance in diazotrophic cynobacterium (Anabaena cylindrica)

    46. Dr. Radha Gupta (2007) Biotechnology of mass production of spirulina with special reference to the biological compounds

    47. Dr. Digpal Singh Gour (2008) Molecular genetic analysis of southern goat breeds of India

    48. Dr. Anubhav Jain (2008) Cloning and sequencing of milk gene (s) of indian goat breeds

    49. Dr. Zakir Khan (2008) Tumor Control by manipulation of the human anti-apoptotic survivin gene

    50. Ms Shilpi Kanchan (2008) Functional Food and antimicrobial potential of common Indian herbs and spices

    51. Dr. Yusuf Saify (2009) Molecular characterization of Xanthomonas campestris pv. glycine, the causal agent of bacterial pustule of soybean