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Art & Craft (Certificate) 3 Months 10+2( Min 45% Marks) Scheme
  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University of Social Sciences - Vikrant (Study Center)

    About the Course

    A certificate in art and craft is a certificate course that introduces the candidate to the basic forms of art and craft. It is suitable for one who wants to learn art and craft professionally and is yet a beginner in the same. Since it is quite a general course, one is only introduced to several topics. The certificate lasts for 3 months. In the end, one is eligible for some basic jobs which involve the use of art and craft. To get better employment opportunities, one will have to specialize or look for a degree.

    Why this particular course?

    A certificate in art and craft is a very basic course in art and craft. It is recommended to be taken as a side skill or out of interest of the candidate. One develops an appreciation for the arts and the ability to recognize as well as practice certain crafts like origami. The course is highly suitable for students looking to develop a side skill and get a recognised certificate.

    Job Profiles 

    Job profiles with description
    NameDescriptionAverage salary in INR
    TeacherOne can be employed as an art teacher in a school2-3 lacs
    Assistant DesignerOne gets to work with various designers like furniture designer, set designer etc 3-4 lacs
    3D ArtistOne gets to work with software to create 3D elements3-4 lacs

    Future Scope 

    The best option for certificate holders is to work for a couple of years and then specialize in a specific field. One can also start a business with the art and craft learned during the course. Tutoring is also a good option and will probably pay more than a proper job. However, it is recommended that students go for a Bachelors or Masters degree for more professional options.

    Eligibility For Admission

    10+2(Min 45% Marks)