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    Some of Our Achievers Alumni

    Being an army brat, I have grown with the zeal to serve our nation. In 2015, I joined VGI, Gwalior. I joined NCC there and our trainers at Vikrant helped me alot for ground and other task. I could clear my SSB. I also got selected in companies like Collabera and ICGS. As I wanted to join Airforce I attempted and cleared AFCAT. Thanks Vikrant.

    Ambar S. Tomar
    Flying Officer,
    Indian Airforce

    ‘Time flies like an arrow. The days I spent at VITM were exactly like this proverb. My classmates and i have put a great deal of painstaking efforts into studies and all our energy into unforgettable events and activities, it felt like a family at VITM. Thanks VITM for what I am.'.

    Abhishek Dixit
    Scientific Officer,

    It seems as if it was yesterday when I accomplished my education and embarked on a journey to explore working plateform. The guidance that i received at my college came very handy in marching ahead in my professional life.

    Rajendra Nayak
    Construction Man.,
    CoOpearative Dairy

    The regular training programs of national repute prepared us for the industry. The CRT programs that comprised of training module of national repute. The CRT training that I took way back in my college days still comes handy in our day today working of today in my present organisation.

    Azharuddin Khan
    Procurement Engg.,
    Volvo Eicher

    ‘I am proud of being a part VITN family which Possesses such a well developed and sound guiding system to career development, which is actually a class apart Vikrant.'

    Vinita Sharma
    Worldplay, FIS.

    I am glad to be a part of this institutions which has helped me to stand up on my feet. I owe a lot to all my mentorsin the Training and Placement Cell and as with their support I've reached such great heights.

    Jahid Sheikh
    JC Control Pvt. Ltd

    I consider myself lucky to be a part of such an institution which has such a well developed and a hard working Training and Placement Cell. I am really grateful to them for Training me according to the Government Job needs, Thanks to which, I am placed in Government Job.

    Sandeep Shiva
    Deputy Collector
    Govt. of India

    It is a great feeling that Vikrant Group is organizing such career development programs and placement drives. This helps in making my future more bright and giving me good exposure.

    Lekhni Pathak
    Database Engg.
    NIIT Technology

    The Career Development Cell(CDC) of our college has been conducting trainings in a very professional way, to help the students get placed in international companies. We are grateful to the members of the Placement ce;; as tjeu are very professional and co-operative.

    Gagan Wadhwani
    Production Engg.

    Our College's Training & Placement Cel is one of the best placement cell among all the colleges. The Team is very supportive and enthusiastic and takes genuine pain to place the students in the best possible companies with best salary packages in the market.

    Shiv Pratap
    App Developer

    Making into "MAQ SOFTWARE" was not easy process. My being focused backed by sound academic inputs provides by my faculty really provedto be the deciding factor in the end. Thank You Vikrant!!!

    Himanshu Verma
    Software Engg
    MAQ Software

    No Dish tastes good until its cooked completely on fire.Besides our academics and bookish knowledge, we should also know how to present that knowledge. The Campus Connect program by "Pyramid IT Consulting Pvt. Ltd." gives the feeling of completeness. The Creative Teaching techniques, fun filled classes & above all eye opening facts are very useful to me.

    Harish Upadhyay
    Exe. Resourcing
    pyramid Consulting

    VGI is a place where your voice is heard and your opinion counts. My knowledge and confidance has been boosted after comming here. As a result, now my confidance is such, that i can get placed in my company. Today i have been placed in "Atos Syntel Pvt. Ltd. power" and the credit goes to focused training given by faculties & T&P officers.

    Prajjwal Singh
    Hadoop Developer

    VGI proved to be a pool of opportunities for me. It not just provide us with various plateforms to showcase our abilities and skill but also helps us to learn all soft skills that are highly required. We get training on interview skills, communication skills, life skills, effective time management and many more. I wholeheartedly thank Training & Placement cell for the constant support.

    Vishal Baghel
    Project Head

    Vikrant has good faculty, offers flexible course timing & of course, the job placement assistance is good!
    All Thanks to Vikrant!!!

    Deepika Sharma
    Sr. S/W Engg.

    The biggest thing for every Engineering student is to get an opportunity to start their career with a reputed organization and a good package. I was lucky to get placed with "Yodlee Infotech"
    Thanks to Vikrant!!!

    Akash Jain
    Sr. S/W Engg.
    YODLEE Infotech

    I feel great studying at VGI and getting great opportunity as we as support from faculties& Placement Officers. It is a dream come true, being an IT Engineer and getting to work with such a networking companyin beginning of my career.

    Bhumika Taunk
    S/W Test Engg.