• Recreational Activities

    It is an obvious truism that health is wealth. A person without sound health is a liability rather than an asset to the society. And who can deny the vital role of games and sports in building sound physical as well as mental health? 

    We do not wish to create just knowledge workers but action oriented leaders who adapt to changing situation with ease. The infrastructure has been designed accordingly to cater for sports as well as recreational activities. We intend adding a swimming pool and horse riding to our curriculum.

    Since, we aim at all-round development of the young learners, we accord great importance to sports. The institute has made adequate intramural arrangements for several indoor and outdoor games. Moreover, we encourage the youngsters on the campus to participate in games of different types. Apart from taking part in the Annual Sports Meet of VITM, the students remain involved in, alongside their studies, regular sports activities under the stewardship of a qualified games instructor.


    Adventure activities generate an exiting and thought provoking mind, to achieve the required end we give an insight to wide variety of adventure activities by way of camping, rock climbing, rappling etc.