• Career Building Activities

    The potential of an individual, if duly nutured results in success. Our course curriculum provides the students with the essential stimulus to discover the possibilities lying dormant in them and realize the same to the full. We intend cultivating and nurturing the minds for the passing out students to be entrepreneurs.

    Leadership Development Programme

    Grooming the next generation of potential leaders is our top most priority. If leadership through learning is our goal, our Leadership Development Programme is one of the ways to work towards the goal. The LDP comprises lectures, workshops, discussions, brainstorming sessions, group practice sessions etc. The programme facilitates the development of those skills that are integral to efficacious leadership, namely focused listening, effective speaking, presentation, team building, problem-solving, decision-making and execution.

    Personality Development Programme

    The potential of an individual, if duly nurtured, results in success. Our programme provides the students with the essential stimulus to discover the possibilities lying dormant in them and realize the same to the full. Such a programme raises the level of confidence, makes them aware of the importance of behavioral excellence, encourages them to develop a positive attitude and hone their comprehension as well as communication skills. In a word, the programme injects into them the necessary drive to attain success and inspires them to make the seedbed for it.

    Corporate Interaction

    The education remains incomplete till it is followed up by practical on the ground of training. To achieve this end and to provide a complete exposure, it has been tied up with Industry and corporate world for assistance in summer training and subsequent absorption.

    International ExInternational Experience

    No institute of higher education, against the backdrop of a borderless world, can overlook the imperatives of global exposure. Vikrant Group of Institutes are no exception. We know what the need of the hour is – the need for “global managers” in a global workplace. Accordingly, we have made some specific plans to deliver global experience to our students. First, we shall have tie-ups with renowned overseas institutes of higher education and arrange Student Exchange Programmes, accordingly selected students from different branches will be sent for global exposure. Secondly, the students having an overall extraordinary performance in the class, lab and the university examination will be sent to companies abroad for industrial training and corporate exposure. Last but not the least, teachers from foreign universities will come to Vikrant Group of Institutes as guest professors to broaden the horizon of its learners.